What to Expect


There are two realities about God that we hold to. First, He is not distant. Second, He is active. With these in mind, on Sunday mornings we open His Word to hear what He would have for us. We do this by concentrating on a book of the Bible and walking through it verse by verse. Our intent is to open up the passage by explaining what it means so that we can apply it to our life today. This is called expository preaching.



Our music is a mix of older hymns rewritten to new tunes and some more contemporary songs with rich lyrics. We have been gifted with a wide variety of musicians. So on some Sundays we can have up to ten different musicians but sometimes we’ll try something a little more simple and have three or four musicians.



The life of the church is the community. As you walk in you’ll notice a variety of people who differ in many ways, but we’re a group that enjoys living life together. When you stop by on Sunday you’ll encounter a welcoming and hospitable group. We look forward to meeting you!